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Hello! Welcome! I wanted to take some time and introduce you to my site and myself! I am Sam. I am a certified Reiki Master Usui Line, Certified Peer Recovery Specialist (NAADAC), have a Master’s Degree in Psychology- with a background in counseling- but specialty in Human Behavior.

I am also Certified in both Sleep Science and Stress Management.

For me, all of these things are critical and intertwine. It is like a winding path, twisting and turning which all combine to make a whole- the vista at the end- wellness.

Wellness can be thought of in many ways. My idea of wellness is simply that the person speaking on their own wellness feels… welp… well. It can mean so many things to so many people. My own wellness means that my cancer stays in remission, I sleep well, take care to manage my stress, my mental health, family life, exercise, and I use good nutrition to fuel my many adventures. Mental health management means that you are checking in with yourself. Seeking help if you need it. Ensuring all the nuts and bolts of the mind and emotional reactions are all operational and within boundaries. It does not mean that I personally identify with having mental illness- although I have friends and family members- and serve individuals professionally who do.

I have children, a doggo, love walking, hiking in state park systems, being near and in water and I love when people around me overcome. I find complete joy when individuals I encounter overcome challenges they face in life.

Professionally I have a passion for helping others. I have an educational background supporting counseling, teaching, guiding, and caring for others. My experience includes running a non-profit that specializes in coaching individuals identifying with Substance Use Disorders who may have co-occurring mental health struggles. I have been involved in in-home therapy/ skill building, case management, program counselor, and have worked in both residential and outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment centers.

I wanted to refine my focus within lifestyle coaching to stress and sleep science because so many of the substance use disorders, mental health diagnoses, and life challenges people face and seek psychological and medical experts on, can be enhanced by expert guidance and education in these two areas from people like me. We, those who do what I do, can extend the therapies and treatments you are receiving by qualified and credentialed medical and psychological professionals into educational and skill building opportunities outside of the clinical setting and into real life.

I will never give you a diagnosis, treatment, or act as a qualified and credentialed medical or psychological professional. I will draw on my education, working experience and credentials to educate, support, guide, and inform you of skills and options available to you. Some you may take back to your doctor to guide you in discussing with your providers.

Did you know that as many as 60% of Americans have not been asked by their Primary Medical Provider about their sleep?

Many do not address daily life stressors unless it already has an adverse impact on the patient!

Many times our solutions are reactive and not preventative. I want to help turn the tide so that everyone I help has skills and information to prevent problems often attributed to sleep and stress challenges.

Lets’ get it!

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