Discovering New Health

Hello my friends and fellow bloggers! It has been a while since I have wrote anything and updated my page. I apologize for that. A lot has been happening. I am completing a 2nd BS degree in addiction health and have endured some stressful challenges myself.

However, I engaged in great self-care, managed and regulated my emotional response to the stress and I am better for it.

I have been having clients ask about CBD and Hemp products for pain, stress, anxiety, depression, spectrum disorders, nausea during pregnancy, immune health and overall wellness. I know there are different strains and different products out there and feel like it can be overwhelming.

I do know because I have heard parent testimony and watched little ones in seizure and have seen the stuff stop seizures. Hemp products and Marijuana are the same plant and pollinated and grown under different conditions. Hemp does not contain THC component that Marijuana contains. Also, there are different types and brands of products. The problem with many of the brands that you receive in the smoke shops and CBD dealers is that they are not proprietary formulated and are not made to work with your body.

I have found one that is almost 100% soluble as opposed to 40-45% soluble for other formulas. Your body will get the max effect it can from this plant- not only that there are a wide array of products to support your health and wellness efforts.

People who like energy drinks? Yep. There is a hemp product for that too. There are more than 33 scientific longitudinal peer reviewed studies backing this brand and product up. My kiddo likes the honey/agave hemp and there are kiddo products too- ask your doctor to make sure you can add this to your medical care regimen because it does help. I know others who have used this and struggle with anxiety and depression who are feeling much better within a few days of starting it and one kiddo on the spectrum who seems to be more engaged, participating and having a bit of an easier time in distance learning because the products were added to the regular health regimen daily.

Skeptics have nothing to lose by trying it- those of you who have a brand you like, I encourage you to try it, review it, see if there is a difference. I challenge you to check it out- give it a try- I think you will love it like I do! Check the link below to discover a whole line of wellness products to add to your routine.

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